Airline Pilot & Aviation Employment Specialist

John has many years experience as an aviation expert witness and is the founder of Access Aviation Ltd.

In 1992 he became the professional aviation employment consultant to Access Consultancy Ltd and under their umbrella produced reports for the courts on matters pertaining to the employment of aviation employees, employment prospects, potential loss of future earnings or benefits and the loss of chance of a career. More recently he has been instructed by both claimant and defendant lawyers in cases alleging negligence by employees against their company.

John is an experienced airline Captain with a wide range of extra curricular activities in the aviation industry as well as the Royal Air Force.

He remains the professional airline aviation employment specialist to Access Consultancy Ltd and a former subject matter expert on aviation to Kellogg Brown and Root (UK) Ltd.

John has accepted instructions to provide reports and oral evidence to the courts from both defendants and claimants. He will also accept instructions issued on a joint basis, as well as related issues of civilian airline employment and allegations of negligence both in the UK and overseas.

Member of the Expert Witness Institute and a 1st Tier Expert on the APIL expert directory

Holder of a United Kingdom Joint Aviation Authority Airline Transport Pilots Licence

Member of the Independent Pilots Association

Upper Freeman of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots