Access Aviation's consultants have a wide range of expert knowledge across aerospace disciplines covering both civilian and military sectors.

Their experience spans over five decades of aviation that encompasses both civil and military aviation. They are directly involved in aircraft operations and engineering thereby ensuring regulatory compliance and the maintenance of quality control processes.

Top Level Expertise

Our aim is to combine our wide knowledge of the aviation sector to provide expertise over many aspects of the industry that includes airline operations, airline engineering, military operations, aviation meteorology, air traffic control, general aviation, light aircraft and hot air balloon operations.

What connects our consultants is a passionate enthusiasm and pride in aviation. We can provide advice and reports on:

  • Airline management
  • Airline Operating Procedures
  • Airline Safety Management Systems
  • Airline merger and integration
  • Airline research
  • Aircraft performance
  • Aircraft and engine maintenance contracts
  • Aircraft leasing and operating contracts. Pre and post lease
  • Aircraft purchase and sale contracts
  • Aircraft fuel operations
  • Airport fuel operations
  • Aviation fuel suppliers
  • Hot Air Balloon Operations
  • Light Aircraft Operations and Engineering
  • Cabin Crew management procedures and flight operations
  • Engine purchase, exchange and leasing contracts
  • Inventory consignment and repair management contracts
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Passenger and third party claims
  • Ground and airside staff and passenger disputes
  • Electronic flight deck systems
  • IATA operational safety audits
  • Aircraft incident assessments from flight data recorders
  • Simulator evaluations
  • Flight safety
  • Human performance
  • Forensic meteorology for aircraft and airports

Our consultants are experienced in many types of aviation related work with experience stretching across the industry. We are capable of providing expertise from the smallest cases to major disputes.

Some of Our Consultants Cases

Dispute over the lease and subsequent sale of a helicopter. After an extensive investigation by one of our engineering consultants, the parties decided that the most logical solution was to go to arbitration.

A report was commissioned to consider the impact on the airworthiness of an aircraft, caused by a number of components which were believed to have been removed during a scheduled maintenance inspection check. This type of aircraft is used extensively in the UK and worldwide as a basic flight trainer, including aerobatic manoeuvres, as defined in the aircraft’s type approval.

The instructions asked for a report on whether the corrosion discovered to an aircraft’s wings could date back to the period when a company was instructed to work on the aircraft, or whether it could have appeared subsequently, in light of the adverse conditions in which the aircraft was stored or operated.

A major UK house building company’s proposals for a new housing development had not been approved because of the nearby presence of an unlicensed aerodrome. Two of our consultants provided valuable professional expertise at a successful appeal hearing.

Objections had been raised to the expansion of a UK Airport. One of our consultants provided the expertise at the hearing and the proposal to expand the airport’s operations was approved.

An allegation of negligence was made against an airline’s employees. The allegations centred on the pilots’ failure to follow the standard operating procedures mandated by the company and approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. One of our consultants was able to demonstrate to the court that the pilots had acted reasonably throughout, and the case was dismissed.

Reports for respective parties concerning disputes in the field of aircraft leasing . Reports have involved detailed analysis of compliance with both manufacturers maintenance procedures and records and necessitated judgments on corrective costs and aircraft valuations in the event of disputes covering end of lease criteria.

Reports have been written to deal with airport development and residential development in the vicinity of aerodromes. Such reports have covered the externalities of emissions and noise resulting from aircraft operations and analysis of ‘best practice’ concerning operational procedures.

All our consultants are extremely experienced aviation experts within their own particular field. They have all undergone expert witness training with either Bond Solon or the Expert Witness Institute.

Access Aviation prides itself in the quality of its Consultants’ expertise.

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Access Aviation is confident that its independent, objective, impartial reports, along with oral evidence and guidance are based on a sound knowledge of the industry and thorough research that will withstand the most detailed examination. Contact us today and speak directly with one of our friendly consultants.


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